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The promise — and the problem — with cloud technology is that the possibilities are virtually endless. We're the ally your team needs to guide you through every step of a cloud transformation. Our team customizes and scales solutions to fit your organization with deep industry insights.

Together, let’s turn greater connectivity into real results.

"Technology alone is never enough. Without the team to deliver, it more often than not fails. An implementation and support partner that knows (our industry) inside and out is the key to immediate and continued success."
Alan Post, Chief Financial Officer, Ho-Chunk WTN

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Smarter integration

Updating outdated systems is essential to staying competitive. We specialize in auditing your existing technologies to help identify where we can break down silos and streamline by integrating operations in the cloud.

Wipfli Connect

Eliminate chaos with this powerful and flexible software. Perfect for project management and customer relationship management (CRM), it’s built for the way you already work. So, your team can better communicate, coordinate and grow.

Broad experience

Our team has the know-how to get the most out of your existing platform, including Salesforce, Oracle, Sage and Microsoft systems. We help you master your tech to turn complex customer behavior into data-driven insights. We can also help you with marketing automation and more.

Keep growing

We show you how to dream big. Switching to the cloud can help your organization revolutionize ecommerce, operations and financial systems, IoT and beyond.


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