At Wipfli, curiosity is at the heart of everything we do. It’s why we dig deeper to uncover unique solutions for your unique problems.

With a true advisory mindset, we bring together diverse talent to strategize, scale and customize digital programs that fit each client’s needs.

Curious About Wipfli

“Given the unique size, scope and scale of Wipfli, we have access to all of the resources and thought leadership available in a larger firm while being motivated by a culture that embraces entrepreneurship and innovation found in boutique organizations.”
Dane Koepke, Senior Consultant
Dane Koepke

Curious About Collaboration

“We are aiming for lifetime relationships. We always put ourselves in the client’s shoes and imagine how they can supercharge their business with technology.”
Luis Murgas, Principal
Luis Murgas

Curious About Results

“Innovative solutions come from diversity of thought and skillsets. Collaborating with other teams ensures we are harnessing our collective super powers for our clients.”
Kate Brown, Senior Manager
Kate Brown

Curious About Culture

“I love the people that I work with. One of the values that has been instilled by leadership is teamwork. I always feel supported by my team members and leaders, and never feel like I have to deal with issues alone.”
Jeannie Ang, Consultant
Jeannie Ang

We are designers, analysts, devs, connectors, guardians, data wonks, futurists and more.

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