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Animated hero for Boomi alliance
Empower your digital transformation with Boomi integration solutions offered by Wipfli.
Animated hero for Boomi alliance
July 10, 2023

With Boomi, Wipfli can help power the future of your business with intelligent integration and automation of your diverse platforms. Once we connect all your applications and data, you can get a synchronized 360-degree view of your data through Boomi.

Wipfli + Boomi

Boomi has hundreds of connectors to bring your choice systems online fast and deliver tangible ROI.

Our Boomi team will work with you to connect your ecosystem and fuel your technology with data it needs, your processes with automation to drive efficiency and your decision-making with critical insights.

What makes Boomi different is that it’s a faster alternative to complex, heavyweight platforms that deliver too much and lightweight solutions that don’t deliver enough.

With Boomi, we can deliver to you:

  • Intelligence to improve customer experiences and dynamic dashboards to drive data-driven decisions.
  • Reusability that extends your ROI by replicating connections and implementation across platforms.
  • Scalability to improve and automate processes to scale your operations and do more.
  • Security by syncing your ecosystem with confidence in secure and reliable connections.

Ready to get started?

Reach out to get your connectors online and integrated.