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Enterprise solutions

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New technology is challenging how we engage with customers, drive decisions, work and grow. And in today’s era of innovation, the ability to adapt and connect is the difference between success and failure. Our enterprise solutions optimize speed, flexibility and resilience.
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CRMs | ERPs | Implementation | Selection | Financial performance management

Enterprise services Enterprise services Enterprise services Enterprise services


Our team connects with yours to examine legacy systems, untangle complicated processes and shine a light on unique opportunities. It’s more than deciding what software you need; it’s ensuring you get the right tools to unify critical business functions to maximize agility, financial accuracy and ROI.

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We customize a solution using best-of-breed software partners to deliver a new system that transforms your data, processes and workflows. Our teams understand how to unify your critical business functions, connect your employees and data in the cloud, or drive sales.

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We work with your team to oversee installation and launch. Next, our team trains yours, smoothing adoption and redefining processes to take advantage of your investment. And to ensure success, we stay connected to your team to provide ongoing enhancements, training and maintenance.

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What we do

  • CRMs

    Deliver a hyper-personalized omnichannel customer experience while meeting your strategic, financial and workforce needs. Increase your leads, accelerate your sales pipeline, close deals faster and deliver high-value service and support with the right CRM solution.
  • ERPs

    Seamlessly integrate your functions and data across units and geographies. We partner with you to migrate your data, train your people and revamp your operation and keep it running smoothly.
  • Connect ERPs & CRMs

    Magnify the impact of your ERP and CRM by connecting your systems under a single strategy. Let us help you build a master customer record, streamline financial operations, harmonize workflows and centralize processes.
  • Cloud solutions

    Receive fast, secure access anywhere and anytime to innovate and revolutionize how you work.
  • Platform selection

    Partner with us to build a checklist of your needs, and then utilize our knowledge of today’s technology with tomorrow’s hottest trends to help you select the software that is right for you.
  • Implementation

    Increase adoption and get results with an implementation plan that puts as much focus on people and process as it does technology. We can do everything from migrate your data to integrate your systems and train your team.
  • Ongoing support

    Ensure your technology investments keep running smoothly and securely with ongoing support, enhancements and maintenance.
  • Modern workplace

    Go beyond giving your workers online tools by designing a secure yet flexible workplace that improves collaboration, access and experience without compromising security.
  • Industry solutions

    Tailor your solution to meet industry-specific compliance, regulatory, customer and operational needs. Our teams are aligned to meet the unique requirements of industries such as manufacturing, nonprofit, technology and manufacturing.
  • Financial performance management

    Monitor and manage your financials throughout the organization by improving your ability to budget, forecast and model. We use our insights to pick the proper tools so you can benefit from consolidating data and ratcheting up your reporting.
  • iPaaS implementation, strategy

    Transform your businesses through cutting-edge integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solutions with our integration and data expertise. Our team of experienced consultants is dedicated to helping you streamline your data integration processes, helping ensure that your disparate systems work together seamlessly and that you have a strategy to conquer the future.

    We work with the most innovative companies in the digital space, like Salesforce, Sage, Netsuite, and Microsoft. Our deep understanding of their products and your unique challenges allows us to provide you with high-performing solutions.

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