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Case Studies

Going from soft insights to concrete strategies

Person presenting a screen to a room

AccuWeather wanted to understand how weather impacts the daily decisions and habits of viewers — and use that data to segment customers and personalize their journeys.

Person presenting a screen to a room
Our impact
  • 44.8

    hours of interviews

  • 350

    pages of research data

  • 1.3

    design sprints

  • 2.7

    actionable personas


Weather reporting is competitive. AccuWeather needed an edge. It wanted to understand how weather impacts the lives, decisions and daily habits of its audience. Then, it wanted to combine the learning with performance analytics to create actionable product and sales insights.


Our team conducted over 50 hours of qualitative interviews, which transcribed into 700 pages of consumer research. The data was distilled into five distinct personas and customer journeys. Then, quantitative analytics were applied to create segments and measure performance. We also completed two design sprints to test segment-specific tactics.

Services provided


AccuWeather turned “soft” insights into concrete business strategies. The two-part research process gave AccuWeather comprehensive personas, plus business intelligence to apply toward product, advertising and marketing decisions.

“Not only was the research experience perfectly customized to meet our business needs, but their persona card deliverables far surpassed our expectations. Several outside partners have told us these are the most comprehensive, useful personas they’ve ever seen.”

Dallas Durant

Director of Market Research, AccuWeather