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Case Studies

Secure, stable and scalable

Person with glasses holding a smartphone

Allstate's popular home-inventory platform had high abandonment rates and poor user reviews. They needed a responsive, reliable and scalable app solution.

Person with glasses holding a smartphone
Our impact
  • 150

    improvement in user growth

  • 850

    audience growth

  • 13.8

    lift in core feature usages KPIs


Allstate’s Digital Locker platform’s web and native apps were already popular with thousands of users, but they used technology not designed to scale. The legacy platform was unsupported and riddled with defects, causing user abandonment and poor reviews. Allstate needed a stronger technical foundation for its growing user base.

The app itself allowed Allstate subscribers and nonsubscribers alike to catalog and document all of their possessions for easy reference in the event of a loss or insurance claim.


We divided into two parallel teams: one to firm up the existing platform and squash problematic bugs and another to begin an all-new middleware API to support the growth of the new platform. We completely redesigned and rebuilt a suite of secure and scalable apps for responsive web, iOS and Android against custom middleware. This new foundation offered stability and flexibility for the future of Allstate’s Digital Locker apps.

Services provided


The newly designed Allstate Digital Locker apps greatly increased new user growth, improved key feature usage and — most importantly — created a better and far more efficient user experience for customers who might need to use Digital Locker when filing a claim on Android, iOS or the web. By focusing on scalable technologies, we were able to facilitate a 500% improvement in new user growth, leading to 1,200% audience growth in one year.