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Case Studies

Making data more intelligent

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SPIRE Credit Union was unable to use its massive database to make quick, reliable decisions. It needed help weaving thousands of data points into actionable business intelligence.

Person with glasses looking at a screen
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SPIRE Credit Union was data-rich but intelligence-poor. It had a massive database that was too hard to use. Inconsistencies in definitions and reports made it impossible to accurately compare or correlate performance, and it lacked tools to mine or visualize the data.


SPIRE implemented Qlik Sense® for data visualization and discovery. Qlik Sense pooled data from 2,000 reports, 100,000+ members and 17 branch locations into a single source. Wipfli Digital helped SPIRE develop KPIs and dashboards to leverage the data in strategic decisions such as pricing, rates and loan limits.

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SPIRE can uncover the meaning behind the numbers — and allow facts to drive strategy. Pricing and product decisions are based on accurate and reliable data, which SPIRE can see in simple dashboards and visualizations. The credit union used data to responsibly increase loan limits, adjust rates and prices to maximize profitability, and lower risk. And it’s able to handle more data as it grows. Good news for the fastest growing credit union in Minnesota.

“We’re able to take all the data we have, analyze it, slice it and dice it on the fly, and make confident decisions, instantly. It’s the only solution that can respond faster than the market.”

Cliff Wantz

Vice president of lending, SPIRE Credit Union