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Combining logic with logistics

Volunteer in Team Rubicon shirt

As Team Rubicon grew from 8 to 85,000 volunteers, its legacy systems couldn’t keep up, making it tough for it to quickly deploy resources and volunteers to help disaster victims around the world. Here’s how Wipfli Digital created a volunteer management system to help increase efficiency and get volunteers excited to come back.

Volunteer in Team Rubicon shirt
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    open-source volunteer management system developed

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    volunteers connected and deployed


With so many volunteers needing to be organized, deployed and tracked, it was challenging for Team Rubicon to procure equipment and get volunteers where they needed to be — not to mention measure the exact impact of their donations and volunteer efforts. But the ideal volunteer management technology didn’t exist. They needed a partner to develop one.


Team Rubicon and Microsoft joined forces with Wipfli to architect a custom volunteer management system. Wipfli transformed Team Rubicon’s operational data into a unified system and used artificial intelligence to automate volunteer management, from equipment logistics to volunteer proximity and availability.

Services provided

Wireframe of volunteer management system website for Team Rubicon


Together, we created a solution that connected more than 85,000 volunteers and brought a new level of efficiency to Team Rubicon’s disaster response efforts, reducing the response time for those in need of emergency services. Team Rubicon now has the ability to measure the dollar-for-dollar impact of donations, volunteers and supplies.

And through Wipfli’s change management service, the organization achieved a high adoption rate of the technology, putting it in an even better position to respond faster and continue making a difference on an even larger scale.

“Trying to keep track of 85,000 volunteers is not an easy task. That’s when innovation had to happen. We needed to make an investment and make sure that we’ve got the right partners. It all pointed toward Wipfli. They were able to bring the expertise we needed.”

Art delaCruz

Chief operating officer, Team Rubicon

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