Consider the regulatory future

The regulatory landscape for collecting electronic user data has evolved significantly over the years. Several regulations and frameworks — such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Privacy Rights Act — have been implemented to protect user privacy and provide individuals with control over their personal information.

Unknown customers are only going to increase as regulation grows — as opt-out models increase, it will become harder to collect data. Looking forward, companies will have to move to an opt-in model, which is a much more difficult proposition.

Businesses will need to prioritize the value they generate and optimize the user experience so that customers feel comfortable sharing their information. It is crucial for businesses to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and fostering trust among customers.

Building robust personas and user segments can be a strategic approach to drive marketing efforts and better understand the changing needs of customers. Businesses can stay ahead of the curve, forge meaningful connections with both known and unknown customers, and remain compliant as data privacy regulations change.


How Wipfli can help

Our teams help businesses integrate their analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics 360, and then learn how to optimally use those platforms to create robust and successfully targeted personas. Wipfli teams can build persona segments, connect them back to your CRM with personalization included and help you upgrade to services such as Google’s BigQuery. To learn how we can help optimize your company’s digital marketing efforts, see our digital strategy page