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Implementing AI internally


Revolutionize your business operations by combining human expertise with advanced technology.

June 13, 2024

AI from the inside out

Using AI in your business sounds promising in theory, but in practice, it requires proper planning, tools and expertise.

AI deployment services are making it easier for businesses to implement AI. These services reduce costs, improve decision-making and optimize AI solutions for top performance, adapting to changing business needs.

Integrating AI internally can help you manage risks and build team skills, creating a strong foundation for broader AI projects. This approach allows you to develop a tailored AI strategy that meets your businesses and projects’ specific needs and ensures long-term success.

1. Customization and control

Tailored AI systems meet specific operational needs and industry challenges, making them more relevant and effective. Full ownership of AI platforms means you’re not tied to the constraints or continuities of external vendors, which allows you freedom and flexibility when using AI.

2. Enhanced security and compliance

Internal AI better safeguards sensitive information, which is crucial in sectors like healthcare and finance where data privacy is crucial. Your company also can reduce legal risks by maintaining control over compliance with local and international data regulations.

3. Cost efficiency and long-term investment

By managing AI applications in-house, you can eliminate recurring costs, such as licensing fees from third-party AI services. And when you move AI capabilities in-house, you’re investing in a long-term asset rather than depending on external providers.

Where can AI make a difference?

Internal AI can make a big impact in various areas of your business, like automating routine tasks or enhancing data analysis. Here’s where AI can truly shine:

Process automation and efficiency

  • Data security: Use AI to detect and prevent cyber threats, and manage data privacy.
  • Administrative tasks: Automate routine tasks in sectors like education and human resources to enhance productivity and reduce overhead costs.
  • Supply chain and manufacturing: Use AI-driven logistics for inventory management and predictive maintenance to ensure timely production and distribution.

Customer interaction and satisfaction

  • E-commerce: Personalize shopping experiences and fraud detection to enhance user trust and satisfaction.
  • Customer support: Use AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants to provide 24/7 customer service, reducing wait times and improving service quality.

Strategic decision-making and innovation

  • Predictive analytics: Use predictive analytics in healthcare to detect diseases and in agriculture to optimize crop yields, for example.
  • Market insights: Analyze consumer behavior and market trends to help with strategic planning and competitive positioning.

Building AI competency within your team

Start by assessing your team’s current AI skills using tools like quizzes and feedback surveys. These will help identify gaps and align training objectives with your business goals.

Create role-specific curricula that address technical and non-technical skills, including courses on neural networks, data science, AI applications and soft skills like problem-solving and communication. Encourage peer mentorship and partner with AI training providers.

Define key AI-driven roles, such as data scientists, AI architects and machine learning engineers, with clear responsibilities and required skills. Keep pace with technological advancements by regularly updating your training programs and role requirements. And be sure to recognize and reward progress.

And while there are potential legal and business risks to implementing AI, these can be mitigated by implementing encryption, developing a structured governance process, creating clear, risk-based priorities and enhancing cyber, data and privacy protections.


How Wipfli can help

When AI is implemented internally, it transforms your business by enhancing efficiency and innovation from within. At Wipfli, we can help you take control of AI deployment by customizing solutions to fit your unique needs, ensuring optimal performance and security. Ready to make AI a core part of your strategy? Contact us today to start your journey towards an AI-driven future.


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