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Product Studio

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Wipfli Digital’s Product Studio™ team can put you at the forefront of cutting-edge digital products. Our strategic, specialized team empowers the world’s most ambitious brands to elevate their business through revolutionary customer experiences.
3 coworkers looking at a screen

What we do

Enable your entire e-commerce system to be indispensable to your teams so you can be indispensable to your customers.

  • Our strategists identify opportunities and positions where you can play while ensuring your digital bets are primed for success.

  • We help ensure your customer digital experiences truly deliver. We design around the UX and UI of real customers and real scenarios — and then test and refine — to improve accessibility, responsiveness and engagement.

  • Architect new digital customer experiences across every customer touch point to grow your business, elevate your brand, engage your audience and deepen customer loyalty.

  • Craft an online platform capable of integrating internal or external data to help drive your decision-making.

  • Harness and hone the power of AI to turn ideas into action, improve efficiencies and enhance experiences.

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Product Studio

Looking for a digital growth path?

Get in touch with our digital product strategy team to assess your current digital experience and receive recommendations to grow your brand.